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When working with Python have you ever been stuck on something you didn’t know how to do? Like, how to make a list or data frame? How to create a new directory? Or maybe even how to do Machine Learning, but you did want to start the arduous journey of searching on Google? Well, Python has your back and quite a tool for you! It’s called howdoi.


The howdoi module in Python is one that allows us to quickly ask Python how to do something programming related. What do I mean? Think back to all the times…

“I spent my entire life believing I was lazy, turns out it’s not true. And it’s probably not true for you either.” — Andrea Sandoval

For this story, I want to make it a little interesting by including some fun visuals (emojis 😉). Now, with no further delay, let me tell you about how I got here. This is my introduction to data science. 🎤

It started in March 2020, right before Spring Break 🌷 🏊. My University had just closed, and it was up in the air whether they would open after the holiday 🙈. I had two options…

Pomodoro Timer (Google image)

During Middle School/High School, I never seemed to struggle with time management and getting my work done. I was always quick to finish my homework before anything else and my grades greatly reflected that. I attest my good work ethic back then, mainly to my parents for constantly hovering over my shoulder and keeping me accountable for my work. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The “No TV until homework is done.”, “No computer until you finish your assignment.”, even the, “If you get an A I’ll give you $20.”, etc. It was all very incentivizing but slightly…

“Be patient with Git and it will be very rewarding.” — FangFang Lee

Me after I printed Hello World for the first time

Before I could proceed any further I needed to set up an account. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, what it was doing, what it was showing me, or even what it was showing me that I was doing. All I knew was that it was called GitHub, so I just rolled with it. After weeks of boot camp preparation, it was Day 1 at Flatiron School and we were learning about this Git/GitHub thing. …

Small data scientist in-training looking to make an impression

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