• Nnamdi C. Nwoha

    Nnamdi C. Nwoha

  • Steven Yan

    Steven Yan

    Data Scientist for Social Good. Former MCAT Tutor and Content Writer. Pianist and Linguaphile. UChicago and Flatiron Alum.

  • Raizel Bernstein

    Raizel Bernstein

    Aspiring Data Scientist

  • Elliot Macy

    Elliot Macy

    “When you measure include the measurer”⠀–MC‏‎‎‎‎ Hammer

  • Kelvin Arellano

    Kelvin Arellano

  • Justin Tennenbaum

    Justin Tennenbaum

    Data Scientist at Flatiron passionate about Math and Technology

  • Joe Marx

    Joe Marx

    Actor turned Data Scientist looking for applause some other way

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